Prime Minister Harris Announces Removal of V.A.T. on Food

TimothyHarris-18(ZIZ News) – Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris has announced that Value Added Tax (VAT) will be removed from all food items in less than two weeks.

He made the announcement during a national address on Wednesday night.

Dr. Harris said this is part of his administration’s commitment to fight poverty, narrow the inequality gap, and stimulate economic activity by putting more money in people’s pockets.

“We believe that the road to prosperity means money in your pockets to save, to spend or to invest,” he said adding that “Low taxes are good for economic growth. Therefore, effective April 7, 2015, VAT on all food in St. Kitts and Nevis will end.”

He also noted that VAT will be removed from other items and services as well.

“We will deliver on our commitment to relieve our people of the burden of VAT on essential items like medicines and funeral expenses. These will take effect also from April 7, 2015. Our priority will always be to ensure prosperity for all,” he said.

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