Prime Minister Harris calls for Greater Efficiency within Civil Service

(ZIZ News) — Prime Minister, Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris has reiterated calls made in the 2016 Budget Address for there to be greater efficiency within the civil service.

Speaking during his New Year’s address on January 1st, Dr. Harris stressed the need for improved service delivery, noting that while “the historic civil service model is one based on the award of increments”, employees should not partake in a “culture of entitlement.”

“Simply put, top quality service is required both in the public and the private sectors. By extension, salaries and increments must be tied to productivity and performance with promotions being based on merit,” Dr. Harris explained.

He commented on some of the changes that will take effect this year, noting that “in 2016, there will be heightened efforts to advance our public sector reform programme, beginning with the completion of job descriptions where none currently exist and the development of matching performance appraisals to accurately determine execution of assigned duties.”

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