Prime Minister Harris: My Government Will Support Work Of The Church

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, April 19, 2021 (MMS-SKN) — In an environment where freedom of worship is not universal, the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis has established itself as a Nation under God, and Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris has pledged that his Government will support the work of the church.

“In St. Kitts and Nevis we need more persons fellowship in worship to our God, and so we are very pleased each time we go to a church, especially a new one, to know that there are so many homes of worship for our people,” said Prime Minister Harris on Sunday April 18 when he led a cross-section of the leadership and membership of the Peoples Labour Party (PLP) for Sunday worship at the Unique Touch Christian Centre in Sandy Point.

At the worship service which was officiated by Pastor Kaywana Saunders and the sermon delivered by Senior Pastor Clive Saunders, Dr Harris observed that in St. Kitts and Nevis worshiping God is a blessing that people take for granted, because freedom of worship is not universal. He noted that there are persons who are being persecuted in many parts of the world because of their beliefs, while in St. Kitts and Nevis the country has established that it is a Nation under God.

“Thank you to all of you for your warm welcome this morning and I wish that this church will grow from strength to strength,” said Dr Harris. “I know that they are looking at a new location – you have lands and you are making preparation. My Government will support the work of the church, because we need more church worshipping prayerfully without ceasing for the leadership of the country, and for the country as a whole.”

The Honourable Prime Minister expressed his delight at being in the church where he noted its Vision Statement ‘Exalting the Saviour, Evangelising to the sinner, Equipping the Saints’, and said he hoped that that mission is being realised every day.

Calling on persons to be thankful for blessings they are receiving, Dr Harris noted that St. Kitts and Nevis, the smallest country in the hemisphere, has done the best job in managing the Covid-19 pandemic and said it should not be taken for granted and that people should celebrate those critical blessings that God has favoured the country with.

“My wish is that our country continues to grow from strength to strength though we could only do this if we are a Nation praising God,” stated Dr Harris. He added: “Giving God thanks, recognising that all the blessings we have had and all the opportunities they have come from a God of unlimitless and limitless possibilities – a God who has been there in the beginning and a God who will be there till the end of time.”

Prime Minister Harris, who is also the National Political Leader of the Peoples Labour Party (PLP) one of the three political parties in the ruling Team Unity Government along with the People’s Action Movement (PAM) and the Nevis-based Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) was accompanied to the worship service by a cross-section of the party’s leadership and members.

“It has been part of the on-going practice of the Peoples Labour Party that we encourage our membership and supporters to spend some time with God,” stated the Honourable Prime Minister. “We appreciate there are highs and lows in our lives – in their lives – and ultimately faith becomes important, but faith in God is the most important thing. So we want to say thank you for welcoming us. It is a church so far that has been full of joy and goodness and high praise for God, and God is deserving of this praise.”

Accompanying him included Peoples Labour Party Senator and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly the Hon Dr Bernicia Nisbett, Deputy National Secretary Ms Desire Huggins, Deputy National Treasurer Mrs Patrice Ofre, PLP National Women Representatives Mrs Sonia Henry, and Ms Petrona Thomas, and PLP National Youth Representative Mr Jeremiah Locker.

PLP Constituency Number Five Executive Branch was represented by Chairman Mr Glenville Mills, Treasurer Mr Lindsey Caesar, Deputy Chairperson Ms Marsha Lewis, Women Representative Ms Janice Lewis and a large group of the branch membership. Also in presence was a large delegation made up mainly of Constituency Number Seven Empowerment Group members.

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