Prime Minister Harris pleads with the public to take a stand against crime and violence

(SKNIS): Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis and Minister of National Security, Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris, has appealed to the Federation’s families to assist in the fight against crime.

At his monthly press conference on July 27, the Prime Minister urged the members of the community to help in the fight against crime and violence. He said that “we must be mindful, that the challenge to maintain law and order, the safety and security of our beloved Federation, reside fairly with all of us”.

Prime Minister Harris then shifted his focus directly to parents, pleading for their assistance in the fight against crime.

“The parents who are in their homes, harbouring children, who they know or ought to know are involved in criminal activities, must take a stand in the interest of the safety and security of us all,” Dr. Harris said.

He further reinforced the need for there to be unity within the community and law enforcement agencies. “We appeal to every member of the community to appreciate that the law enforcement cannot do it alone”.

Dr. Harris pleaded with the general public to help in any way possible in the removal of illegal firearms from the streets.

“You know where some of the guns are hidden…we appeal to you to provide that information to someone responsible who would take it to the appropriate source,” he said. The Prime Minister also highlighted the significant importance of a spiritual background. He emphasized the need for children to attend Sunday school while stressing that the gospel message will help to lead the youth of our Federation on the correct path.

“We appeal to those who are involved in our churches to continue to send a gospel message which reconciles with the needs of our citizens, which helps them and leads them in dutiful obedience through the Ten Commandments,” said Dr. Harris, while encouraging the youth of the Federation that are interested, to join the security forces in an attempt to help them to be aware of the importance of law and order in the Federation.

“We encourage more of our young people, who are interested to become involved in our security forces (because) that can be a helpful measure to see more of our citizens understand the importance of law and order and who want to directly become involved in serving their country that way,” he said.

While noting his desire for there to be a peaceful co-existence within the Federation, Dr. Harris thanked all the groups and organizations that have been active in providing support, solace and comfort to victims of crime.

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