Prime Minister Harris Praises Working Class

(ZIZ News) Prime minister Dr. the Hon Timothy Harris has wished the nation’s workers a happy Labour Day.

In a statement issued on Monday the Prime Minister said “today, I salute the determination and hard work of countless workers who play a major role in our federation’s progress.   Indeed, workers are our greatest assets, and so this public holiday is a fitting testimony to the hard battles that workers have fought for on such issues as fair pay, social justice and workers’ rights over many years.”

In expressing the government’s commitment to the nation’s workers the prime minister said “as a result of our government’s concerns with lifting our nation’s lowest-paid workers out of poverty, we have also established the Minimum Wage Advisory Committee.  The committee’s purview is to consider the national minimum wage and make recommendations to government for its review. “

He also pointed to the resolution of the short payment of more than 2,000 former workers of the St. Kitts Sugar Manufacturing Corporation, the formation of the Skills Training and Empowerment Programme, or STEP, holiday pay for auxiliary workers, and an increase in risk pay for national security workers as evidence of the government’s ongoing commitment to the working-class sector of the populace.

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