Prisoner’s Appreciation Event

The Department of Culture, The Ministry of Culture and The National Carnival Committee have all joined to acknowledge the efforts of the residents of Her Majesty’s prison by hosting a prisoner’s appreciation event.

Since 2015 members of The National Carnival committee have called on the management of the corrections facility to send a team to lend a hand at various carnival sites in the form of carpentry, plumbing, landscaping and other manual labour.

Chairman of The National Carnival Committee, Mr. Noah Mills said the inmates have provided quality work and have exhibited exceptional behaviour when working on the sites.

The inmates were treated with food, music and cheques were presented for their hard work.

Mr. Mills also mentioned that there was a donation made to the RGI band for their many contributions to the National Carnival Committee.

The annual prisoner’s appreciation event was held on Thursday July 18th at her majesty’s prison on Cayon Street, Basseterre.

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