Procedures for filing a complaint against a Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Officer

Police Officers on Parade

ZIZ News…Sept 26 2012 — The high command of the Royal St. Kitts and Nevis Police Force is enlightening members of the public on the proper way to file a complaint against any Police Officer.

According to a release from the Public Relations Department, whenever a member of the public is aggrieved by the actions of any Police Officer, he or she may seek redress by reporting the matter to the Complaints Department of the Royal St. Christopher & Nevis Police Force.

It further stated, a complaint can be made either in person or over the telephone. The Police High Command strongly encourage complaints to be made personally when possible. Complaints can also be made at the Police Station in any Policing District where the alleged incident occurred.

If the complaint is made by telephone, persons may call 869-465-2241 and ask to speak to the Senior Police Officer (SPO) or in his or her absence the senior person on duty who will explain the proper procedures in order to file a complaint.

In outlining the process the release stated, when a complaint is made in person, the details of the complaint will be recorded on an lncident Form and a comprehensive statement will be recorded from the Virtual Complainant and any witness by Senior Police Officer (SPO) or in his or her absence, the senior person on duty at the Front Desk. If made over the telephone the details of the complaint will be taken and arrangements will be made for a comprehensive statement to be recorded.

Further more complaints in other policing districts should be made to the Police Station in that district and relayed to the Complaints Office. In all cases, the information recorded on the Incident Form will then be transferred onto the Complaints Against Police Officer Form and the Complaints Against Police Officer Register.

Details will also be made available to the complainant as to how to contact the investigator in the matter.

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