Product Labelling Is Key To Making Informed Consumer Decisions

Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 16, 2021 (SKNIS): Product labelling contains extremely useful information. However, it is often overlooked completely by some consumers while others may read but not fully understand the information provided on labels.

On Wednesday’s (April 14, 2021) edition of the radio and television programme Working for You, officials from the Department of Consumer Affairs highlighted the value of labelling and implored customers to carefully read all labels when purchasing items.

“Take your time and read the fine print,” said Trista Wattley-Stennett, Senior Consumer Affairs Officer. “You have to know exactly what you are consuming.

Mrs. Wattley-Stennett said that companies present attractive pictures on their products that may serve as a distraction.

“You have to read what is next to the picture. You have to always keep reading to know if it is healthy for you, if it is important to you if you are allergic to the item, and of course if the item is valid, if it is good or if it is expired,” the senior consumer affairs officer stated.

Director of Consumer Affairs, Paul Queeley, helped to clarify some labels that frequently puzzle consumers. They are Best By, Sell By, Best Before and Expired.

As it relates to Best Before, Mr. Queeley stated that this relates specifically to freshness. The product is still useable, but the quality is slightly reduced.

“Expired is expired of course,” Mr. Queeley indicated. “You should not eat it, especially if the product contains milk because you may end up in the hospital or even die.”

The director noted that the Sell By and Use By labels are store-related and refer to stock turnover rather than product freshness.

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