Professional Standards Investigating Incident Involving Police Recruit

An incident involving a Police Recruit and a civilian that occurred on December 25, 2022, was brought to the attention of the High Command of The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force. The incident was caught on video and circulated widely on social media. Given what was seen in the video, we understand why the public would be very concerned.
The High Command wants to assure the public that we have well-established protocols and procedures in place for Police Officers to follow when responding to reports and apprehending or arresting suspects.

We have already begun looking into the matter and a number of steps have been taken. The Office of Professional Standards has been tasked with investigating the case. This office is responsible for receiving, processing, and supervising internal affairs investigations that involve allegations of acts of misconduct made against members of the Police Force.

Our Officers are here to protect and serve and do so with honour on a daily basis. Where this is not the case, all reports of misconduct will be investigated.

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