Professional Swimming Coach Making Waves On Nevis

International swim coach, Anne Mclindon is back in Nevis, as part of the continuing SWIM TO WIN program.

Ms. Mclindon, who previously did a stint in training swimming instructors on the island, noted that despite the fact that she was restricted from returning to continue the program, at an earlier date, due to the covid restrictions, she continued her training with the instructors, virtually and they have all come along way.

For the entirety of this week, the top swimmer, who fell in love with Nevis when she entered the cross channel swim many years ago, is dedicating her time in the continued training of the instructors and is also part of a camp being held in collaboration with the local Swim to Win organization, the Education Department and the Sports Department, for the students and teachers at the Cicely Browne Integrated School (CBIS).

She anticipates that about 15 instructors will be certified at the end of the week.

The camp is being run at the Eden Life facility in Church Ground.

Next week, the action moves to the beach located next to the Yachtsman’s Grill and the focus will be on teaching children who have registered for the program and their interested parents, how to swim.

An official closing ceremony will be held at the end of next week.

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