Professionals Benefit from Leadership Seminar

CFBCJenkinsLtdLeadershipCourse-1(ZIZ News) — 35 professionals in various fields are now equipped to be better leaders having completed the CFBC Jenkins Limited Leadership Course.

On Saturday night, the group hosted a Banquet and Auction Fundraiser to demonstrate its commitment to giving back to the Nation.

During the ceremony, participant Jeffrey Hazel gave an overview of the course and how it aimed to benefit the participants.

“This highly interactive course is based on the applications of theoretical concepts of leadership to practical situations faced by all leaders. Participants are sensitized to what is required to be successful after engaging in a variety of experiences and interactions with various personnel,” he said.

CFBCJenkinsLtdLeadershipCourse-2President of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College, Dr. Kelvin Daly noted that the course had changed the lives of the participants and empowered some to take greater control of their lives.

“Each of you has been touched in a very special way. Some unique and others in ways that are quite common and ubiquitous. Some of you faded into the greys and the background noise comforted by anonymity have found colour and clarity and thought action and are now in better control of the many aspects of your lives. Welcome to the new you,” he said.

CFBCJenkinsLtdLeadershipCourse-3Guest speaker Reverend Damian Hughes said leadership is demanding. He noted the significance of the event’s theme “Leaders Listen, Care, and Support”.

“Inherent in the theme is the notion that all of us as leaders have embarked on a path that will never end. A path that will be rough, rocky, sprinkled with disappointment that demands our listening ear and our caring touch but it will also be laced with success for which we must support one another as we climb the ladder of success,” he said.

Proceeds from the dinner and auction will be donated to the Essence of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation and the launch of the CFBC Jenkins Limited Kidney Foundation.

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