Prominent national sees positive developments in Federation

Basseterre, St. Kitts, (CUOPM) — A prominent national sees many positive developments including in the physical infrastructure in St. Kitts and Nevis.

“I note that more and more persons are using the FT Williams bypass road/highway.  The other day travelling on it, I almost forgot I was not in North America. The human development is also very pleasing to see – the youngsters in the churches; the discussions on the radio, notably ZIZ, including in sport, culture and various discussions with medical doctors on health issues, among other things; also our people filling positions at all levels not only in the public but also expanding private sector.  This is just great,” said Kittitian, Mrs. Willa Franks.

She was at the time responding to a statement by the Master of the visiting Norwegian Epic on its inaugural calling to St. Kitts last week.

Captain Juliussen had said: “St. Kitts is a fantastic island you know, and we are really glad to come here. It’s a destination that I should say is an extra experience for our guests and they are always looking at nice ports to go to and St. Kitts as an island,  it’s unique with the sugar cane history and all those other memorable history. This is a fantastic destination for us.”

She wrote on the “As usual flying into St. Kitts recently was such a delight.  I came on a full flight through Miami.  The arrival lounge at RLB International looked quite spruced up and was well air-conditioned, with the escalator to the lower level working well; the immigration and customs officers processed incoming passengers in an efficient manner.  I have not yet done my drive thru the island, but what I have seen so far in the number and type of residential homes as far as Conaree to the east and Boyd’s to the west and up in St. Peter’s area, not to mention in the Frigate Bay area, is very pleasing to the eye. The solid waste management and those youngsters working in the relevant PEP programme continue to keep the place looking clean.  Residents must also play their part in maintaining cleanliness.”

Mrs. Liburd, a former senior economist at the United Nations also noted: “It also seems that the current COP and his team are doing a good job of keeping crime under control through improved prevention and interdiction techniques.  This is work in progress and there will continue to be challenges, but crime control is an important underpinning to sustainable development and a good quality of life.”

She added that listening to the Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, Sir Dwight Venner, on Tuesday evening present the Bank’s assessment of global and regional economic developments in 2013, “the main challenges and accomplishments of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) over the year and the top priorities for the ECCU over the near to medium term, followed by Q & A with residents in the eight participating member territories of the ECCU, it left no doubt that we are in challenging times; but St. Kitts and Nevis seems to have positioned itself well to withstand the buffeting economic and financial storms swirling around us.  Reports that the Barbados government is getting ready to lay off up to 3,000 public servants is very sobering indeed.”

“This is just a tip of the positive developments I have seen in St. Kitts so far.  It is clear that good progress is being made in a number of areas.  What has to be ensured are policies that ensure stability, equitable and sustainable development and good political governance in all its aspects,” said Mrs. Liburd.

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