Promoting Sports Development in St. Kitts and Nevis

(ZIZ News) – The challenges, potential and direction of the Ministry of Sports were all laid out on Thursday 22nd, when employees of that ministry attended a one-day retreat.

The event, held at OOJJ’S Conference Centre, saw participation from sports officials on Nevis, including Director of Sports on that Island, Jamir Claxton.

In his introductory remarks, St. Kitts’ Director of Sports Anthony Wiltshire said a different approach is needed if they are to move forward with sports development.

He said, “Our grounds men and our cleaners must ensure that our facilities are in top conditions so that we can attract the international teams such as Australia, England etc. By promoting sports-tourism and improving our socio-economic condition, we will bring about that change. In order for the department to effect desirable change, we must be equipped with the necessary tools else we will fail to realise our objectives.”

Sports Minister, Hon. Shawn Richards said the theme, “Enhancing Change through Empowerment”, not only speaks to empowering the ministry’s staff but its partners as well.

“Not only do we need to enhance ourselves, not only do we need to make some changes but most importantly, we need to ensure that we not only empower ourselves but empower the persons out there who we serve; the different sporting organisations,” Minister Richards said.

He then challenged employees to go beyond the call of duty to ensure that regional and international teams are impressed when they visit the federation.

“From time to time we host regional, we host international games. The experience which persons leave with will help to determine whether or not those teams or persons coming here to be spectators will want to return to St. Kitts and Nevis as a destination whether for a sporting activity or simply to visit,” the Sports Minister said, adding that he is convinced employees within his ministry can do a much better job than they are currently doing.

Following the official opening ceremony, staff members were engaged in presentations on work ethic, personal economic benefits of sports, pension and gratuity and Social Security.

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