Protecting our marine resources

(ZIZ)– Some key players in fisheries and marine resources came together on Thursday to address the issue of protecting and managing the federation’s marine resources.

The Consultation held at the NEMA Conference Room formed part of the Eastern Caribbean Marine Managed Areas Network (ECMMAN) Project.

Director of Marine Resources, Marc Williams said they have already put measures in place locally to help protect our fragile marine resources including through the introduction of Fish Aggregating Device (FADS).

Director of Marine Resources, Marc Williams
Director of Marine Resources, Marc Williams

He said, “These two pillars, FADS as well as aquaculture, are means that we are using to create alternative livelihoods for our fishers as well as to protect the biodiversity of the near shore marine space.”

Speaking at the opening of consultation, Minister responsible for Marine Resources, Honourable Nigel Carty added, “We would wish to see to the fishers act and the accompanying legislations to ensure that there is tighter regulation of the activities surrounding and in some ways impacting upon and threatening the marine environment. We would also wish to have full participation of as many stakeholders as possible in St Kitts and Nevis on matters relating to fisheries.”

The consultation also addressed the establishment of new Marine Managed Areas, the designation of a two-mile radius around St Kitts and Nevis and alternative and complimentary livelihoods for fishers.

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