Public decides for KING AH DE TENTS

ZIZ News…Dec. 24 2010 – The King Ah De Tents Calypso Competition is over and now it’s up to the public to decide the winner. Many persons attended the show, in particular, calypso lovers to see the calypsonians who took the various tents by storm during the lead up to carnival.

Last night 8 of the ten calypsonians performed for a packed crowd at De House Nitery.

Little Willie, La La, Felix, Rock-Ah-Fella, Pau-u-la, Aba Lively, Unexpected, and De Provoker, all performed for the crowd aiming to take the top prize. Hot Rod and Neglector were a no show.

Now that the contest is over the public will now pick the winner by voting online at or via text message.

CEO of, Val Henry said one of the main objectives of this competition was to breath new life into the calypso tents.

Guest appearances on the show included reigning Calypso King Socrates, Pungwah and the Lord Black.

The show was a collaborative effort, ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation, Lime, E-Caribbean and both the Grand Masters and Legends calypso tents.

It was brought live on ZIZ Radio and recorded for Television.

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