Public Private Partnership strengthens within the MoE through the launch of ‘The Learning Shop’

(EMU) – St. Kitts, 27 September 2018: The first of its kind learning support centre, ‘The Learning Shop’, officially opened at the Saddlers Secondary School on Thursday 27 September.

The Learning Shop was designed to inspire flexible learning and teaching activities. At the centre students in the Learning Support Classroom will receive specialized instruction in an individualized or small group setting for a full school day in the areas of language arts and mathematics.

On-hand to witness the symbolic opening of this pilot program were representatives of key private stakeholders within the Federation whose significant donations led to the establishment of The Learning Shop. These companies are Mac Pennies Ltd., TDC Insurance Company Ltd., Admirals Enterprises and China Town.

The contribution of these companies aligns perfectly with the Ministry’s commitment to the nation’s youth. It will also ensure that more students have access to quality learning opportunities.

“Our schools have developed different programs so that students of learning support can be diverse not only in their academic aspirations but holistically,” stated Donaly Caesar Liburd, Learning Support Coordinator at the Saddlers Secondary School. She continued expressing that each student is different and evidently so will their learning style. She encouraged individuals to support students in their learning. “We need our students to recognize that they have a place in our community. They are here to make a difference in whatever small and tangible way they can.”

The space was designed to support students’ creative discoveries through its five sections. These sections will reinforce what they would have been taught for individualized instructions, they are, musical counter, technology aisle, project shelf, workshop receipts and free zone.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, William Hodge, during his remarks thanked the coordinators and donors who were involved in this project and said, “This is a very creative idea, its implementation I look forward to seeing.” Addressing the youths he encouraged them to make use of the centre and keep a positive mind-set. “The slogan is quite fitting, ‘Different Paths, Same Destination,’ you are on different paths, but your ultimate destination is success and this is an opportunity for us to celebrate our differences.”

In closing, he reiterated thanks to members of the companies that donated “I want to commend the private partners, thank you for coming on-board and giving support.” The Learning Shop is being piloted at the Saddlers Secondary High School under the direct supervision of Mrs. Nicole Warde-Morris, Learning Support Coordinator. The Ministry intends to erect other Learning Shops in each High School within the Federation. Secretary General of the National Commission for UNESCO, Antonio Maynard states, “The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has committed its resources to make this venture a reality and will continue to lend support to the Ministry of Education in whatever way possible.”

The Ministry wishes to express its appreciation to all the donors which made The Leaning Shop a reality and extends an invitation to other businesses and organizations to partner with us in the future.

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