Putting Cyber-Security Measures in Place

(ZIZ)The dangers that lurk in cyber space and how it can negatively impact developing countries like St Kitts and Nevis were highlighted on Thursday during a Cyber-Security Symposium held at the Customs and Excise Department.

Attending this symposium were officials from the Department of Information Technology, the Police Force, the Inland Revenue Department and the Treasury Department.

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information Technology, Christopher Herbert says the use of the internet has increased in the federation over the years.

He says the government is doing its part to try and protect citizens while online.

“Government has not neglected to ensure that legislation has been enacted to support the activities of law enforcement through the criminalization of nefarious activities perpetrated using cyber space as the medium. The HIPCAR project was therefore embraced as providing the model legislation towards amending the existing E-Crimes legislation.”

The Organization of American States (OAS), IMB and the Caribbean Cybersecurity Center all partnered on this symposium.

OAS Representative, Starret Greene outlined what they are hoping comes out of this gathering.

“These strategies help countries organize roles and responsibilities; help countries define the key stakeholders and provide a plan to employ cyber-security resources in a sustainable and forward looking manner,” he said.

Deon Olton of Caribbean Cybersecurity Centre says there are many ways hackers can gain access to individuals and businesses’ personal documents…one being through the use of social media.

He said, “Don’t use 30 as a password or “password 1234″ because they can be cracked in seconds. You need to use strong passwords. They use social engineering, they look at what we’re doing on facebook; all the information that we’re pushing on facebook, the hackers and the hacking community and the fraudsters are looking at all that information to build an attack at us.”

The organizers also hope that this symposium would also be used as a launching pad to promote the development of National Cyber Security Strategy.

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