Quantity of Weapons Seized after Police Chase

According to a police report on Wednesday morning police conducted an operation in Keys Village.

While approaching a premises in the area they saw four males in a yard. The men began running when they saw the police approaching. The police pursued. While chasing the persons, one of the men threw what appeared to be a bag over a wall.

Upon inspection, the bag contained what appeared to be pistols and a large quantity of ammunition.

During the chase of another individual, police came across another bag containing what also appeared to be pistols, a quantity of marijuana and a large amount of assorted ammunition.

In total, police seized six guns – two .45 calibre pistols, two .40 calibre pistols, one 9mm pistol and one .38 revolver. Police also seized more than 250 rounds of assorted ammunition.

The guns and ammunition were taken into police custody along with a rental vehicle.

Technicians from the Forensic Department visited and processed the scene.

Three (3) of the four (4) men at the incident were caught. 1 managed to escape.

He is currently being sought by the police. Police investigations into the matter are ongoing.

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