Quarantine Breaches In Nevis

Basseterre, St. Kitts, March 15th,  2021 (ZIZ News) The National COVID-19 task force is addressing two security breaches that have occurred within the past four days at a resort on Nevis which allows COVID-negative guests to “Vacation in Place” without leaving the property.
According to a statement from the Task Force the first of these two incidents occurred on Thursday evening and involved two (2) guests who illegally left the resort’s premises for approximately two (2) hours. The second security breach took place after midnight on Saturday morning and involved six (6) guests who also managed to leave the resort’s compound without authorization.

The general public is advised that all eight (8) of the individuals have been removed from the resort and are now housed in a Government quarantine site until their departure.
They will also appear before the magistrate to answer the charges of breaking the Country’s quarantine regulations.
In light of these security breaches, which are serious offences, the Task Force has suspended the “vacation in place” designation for the tour group at the resort until all matters are fully investigated and measures to address security lapses are put in place.
As a result of these two security breaches, and the fact that the eight guests may have come into contact with a number of local individuals at a night spot on Nevis, an aggressive contact tracing exercise has been started by the Ministry of Health.
This process will result in the quarantine and testing of the individuals who may have been exposed to the eight guests of the resort, in an effort to control the spread of infection should any of the eight guests test positive for Covid-19.
The Task Force will continue to provide regular updates on this active investigation.
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