Recent College Graduate Offers Words of Advice to Young Males

(ZIZ News) – Recent graduate of the Guyana School of Agriculture, Elroy Williams wants the public to know that not all young men are bad.

Last week, after learning of Williams’ great performance while at university, our reporter sat down with him to capture his thoughts.

While speaking on the issue of delinquency, particularly among young men, Williams said it is unfortunate that the negative behaviour of some males clouds the successes of others.

“Greatness is not handed out. It’s worked for and that’s what you have to do. And a lot of these guys, my encouragement to them is to work for what you want and the thing is that, especially in St. Kitts, not all the young men are bad. I have classmates in school that are working out there to get their degrees,” he said adding “We don’t know about it and I’m glad to be here. It’s very much a pleasure for me to be here because there are other young men just like myself out there working and labouring, trying to get a degree, trying to make something of themselves and I love the fact that I’m back home, back in my community where others can look to me and say ‘well he went away, he did this and he followed that,” Williams explained.

Williams says he wants his peers to set goals and work toward achieving them.

“One of the things I find, event at school, I find a lot of young men, they want things to be handed to them. Coming of age, especially coming into your twenties, people stop handing out things to you. It’s time you start empowering yourself and looking within, seeing your skills, what am I good at? Look at your strengths, look at your weaknesses and invest some time into your strengths,” he admonished.

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