Record Participation in Cross Channel Swim

ZIZ Sports…March 29, 2010 – Chief organizer, Winston Crooke indicted that if he had registered only 58 persons he would have felt pleased with the participation level at the 8th annual Nevis to St.Kitts cross channel swim. He was overwhelmed with the fact that no fewer than 98 persons actually registered and 97 completed the 2 ½ miles course.

The event was held on Sunday 28th March and commenced as per usual at the Oualie Beach hotel. After a briefing by Winston Crooke, the swimmers all lined up on the beach and at the sound of the shrilly whistle, ran into the water and took off.

In a pre-race interview, most of the athletes indicated that they were completing the course more for a sense of achievement than an actual race. However, as expected the actual racers were the ones completing the course early. Some of the swimmers explained that they would have heard of the event through various means: through friends, via the internet and from past swimmers.

The swimmers included a nine-year old boy from Antigua who had completed the course last year as well and a few ladies who were past age sixty.

The top places were:

Purdy, Rhian (MUA) 1:05:21 1st female
Roger Brown 1:05:38 2nd 1st male
Marlise Davidson 3rd (2nd F)
Warshauer, James (USVI) 4th (2nd M)
Attin, Randall 1:09:21 5th (3rd M)
Axiak, Laura 1:10:23 6th (3rd F)
Layour, Romain 1:10:45 7th
Jeffrey, Orel (Antigua) 1:11:08 8th
(Barbados) 1:13:35 9th
Theiler, Michael 1:14:10 10th
Valentine, Kareem 1:14:11 11th
Tara Mauro 1:14:57 12th
Beverley, Julia 1:16:16 13th
Edwds-Jurgensen, Andrea 1:18:38 14th
Appleton, Daryl 1:18:39 15th
Jaqueline Jodhan (T&T) 1:18:44 16th
Francis, Susan 1:18:49 17th
Erin McNally 1:20:46 18th
Damian Hamp-Adams 1:21:22 19th
Wilson, Mary 20th
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