Recruiting Celebs to fight HIV stigma

(ZIZ)– The National Aids Secretariat and the Caribbean HIV Aids Alliance will be recruiting local radio personalities and performers to help in the fight against stigma and discrimination.

Both organizations came together to host a National HIV/Aids Symposium on Thursday at NEMA Headquarters.

Terry Morris, Caribbean HIV Aids Alliance Country Manager for St. Kitts explained why they are targeting local celebrities.

“We know that they appeal to other people and so within their own areas of work and performances they should be able to reach those persons that we are not able to reach,” he said.

According to Mr. Morris, one of the goals is the production of radio and TV jingles featuring the local celebrities, “So persons seeing these faces, hearing these voices, giving these messages of reducing stigma and discrimination.  We believe that can go a long way in helping us with the national response to HIV and Aids.”

The National Symposium for performers and radio personalities takes place on Thursday at the NEMA Conference Room.

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