Red Cross Came to the Rescue of 8 Seamen

Group of men along with red Cross official

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts 03 2010 – The St. Kitts and Nevis Red Cross (SKNRC) Society came to the rescue of 8 persons who unfortunately were the victims of hurricane Earl on August 31, 2010 when the vessel they were traveling in capsized of the coast of the Southeast Peninsula.

Once the seven men and one woman were processed by the authorities the SKNRC system of assisting the venerable went into operation. An assessment of their needs was carried out by Red Cross officials and immediately supplies of clothing, food and toiletries were given to the Caribbean nationals. The crew’s nationality is made up of Guyanese, Trinidadian and Grenadian.

The Red Cross provided the crew with communications to their respective homeland. This was important as some of the crew members lost important travel documents and have to verify their identities and nationalities for them to be processed properly for their return to their respective islands and country.

Red Cross was informed by the crew members that at least four of the crew members will be leaving the island on September 2, 2010 and the remain crew members will be leaving at a later day when their travel documents arrive and is properly processed.

The crew praised the efforts of the SKNRC and thanked the officials that worked closely with them. One crew member said that the crew never at anytime wanted for anything. All we needed were provided by the friendly and warm welcoming Red Cross officials.

The SKNRC would like to thank all those who have contributed to its effort in the pass and those who continue to support the cause of the SKNRC. Recently, the SKNRC was assisted in its efforts to help these eight seamen with contributions from Blondelle Fashion, Kim Sha, ‘Cost you Less’, Evangelistic Faith Church, Best for Less, Karibhana’s Trading Ltd. and Kenneth Dive Centre.

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