Regional and international agencies sponsor St.Kitts – Nevis government Port Security Crisis Management Tabletop Exercise

The Honorable Sam Condor

ZIZ News…March 4, 2010 – The newly-appointed Deputy Prime Minster and Minister for National Security has stressed the importance for a developing nation to continuously enhance its security and safety measures.

The Honorable Sam Condor was addressing the opening ceremony of the Port Security Crisis Management Tabletop Exercise, which is currently underway.

Minster Condor who is also the chairman of the St.Kitts – Nevis Disaster Mitigation Council says he fully endorses the activity. The Minister said: “Gone are the days when we would have felt confident that acts of terrorism only occurs in far away places. These villains know no boundaries; they invade all borders and continue to look for any opportunity to instill fear and destruction. As tourism is the lead sector of economic activity, this multi-agency, multi-sector training activity is extremely important, indispensable, to prepare and equip the various stakeholders with the necessary information to address any eventuality in relation to any form of disaster.”

The National Security Minister, in expressing his Government’s full appreciation to all the stakeholders, also noted that although natural and man-made disasters are inevitable, if they do occur, the impact can be significantly reduced.

Meanwhile, during the brief opening ceremony, Mr. Starret Greene, the St.kitts and Nevis director for the Organization of the American States (oas) also addressed the facilitators and participants on the significance of always being prepared.

Mr. Greene stressed: “The need for us to have identified who are the experts in the field and expertise is gained over a period of time through experience, through practice and hands on simulation and so I speak to the need for bravery and courage and the need for people who do not panic in ties of crisis. We want individuals in the Federation who will respond effectively and efficiently in time of difficulties.”

The exercise has attracted 45 participants and the assistance of numerous regional and international partners, including Transport Canada, the Bahamas Defence Force and Port Authority and the Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism.

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