Regulators and Representatives From ECCU Credit Union Sector Receive Training to Strengthen Capacity and Accountability of the Sector

Basseterre, St Kitts, 17 July 2013-Credit union regulators from six of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) member countries, along with other representatives from the sector, will be exposed to training designed to enhance the regulation of the sector during a workshop at the ECCB Headquarters, St Kitts from 24 – 26 July.

The workshop is part of the continued initiative towards the enhancement of the credit union sector in the ECCU and follows a series of consultative meetings which were held with the regulatory authorities and representative members from the cooperative society’s leagues.

The objective of the workshop is to bridge the technical need for supporting rules and regulations which focus on financial and prudential reporting. It also forms part of a broader training initiative to strengthen the capacity of non-banking financial institutions in the region.

This training is the second technical area to be addressed under The World Bank grant geared towards strengthening the capacity and accountability of the credit union sector.

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