Rehabilitation Work Beneficial

(ZIZ) Superintendent of Her Majesty’s Prison, Franklyn Dorset says rehabilitation projects such as work on the St Kitts-Nevis Defence Force Barracks are beneficial to the prisoners in a number of ways.

He said recently, they’ve started projects where skilled prisoners train others in a trade.

“We try to encourage those who are skilled to teach those who are not so skilled their skill so that they can actually learn something…It’s important for them to allow time to do them instead of them doing time and spend their time doing something positive,” he said.

Superintendent Dorset said the prison is always willing to use the skills available to help with any governmental project.

He said, “All they have to do is provide the material and I believe that we have the skill in the prison to do anything to assist the government…thus cutting costs.”

The prisoners provided most of the manual labour for the construction of the new Defence Force Male Barracks.

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