Residents outraged over Bullying Video

(ZIZ News) — The Department of Child Protection Services is investigating a case of bullying that was caught on video and uploaded to social media sites.

The video shows a group of boys from the Tyrell Williams Primary School pushing and hitting another male student in a bathroom, dragging him to the floor.

The clip has been circulating on Facebook and the comments express concern for the victim and outrage that this occurred in a local school.

Child Probation Officer, Tivanna Wharton said it’s a sad situation, especially since the department has been pushing an anti-bullying campaign.

“We were made aware of this video at a local primary (school) and it is quite unfortunate and we are quite saddened at the department that although we are making efforts to eradicate bullying, that it is still present, it’s still present. We therefore understand that there is a much greater need for us to ramp up the campaign of anti-bullying,” she said.

Wharton said the department is offering counselling to everyone involved in the incident.

“We know the negative effects of bullying and therefore we want to provide the necessary services that this child will need. Also the department is attempting to identify those that were bullying that child because we believe that these children need to understand also the effects of bullying. So we will continue our fight against bullying and we will provide the necessary services for everyone involved in the incident.”

Up to present time, ZIZ News was unable to get a comment from the principal of the Tyrell Williams Primary School.

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