Restaurant Week Kicks Off On Thursday

(ZIZ News) – The first ever Restaurant Week in St. Kitts and Nevis will kick off on Thursday evening with a promotional event at the Marriott Beach.

Consultant with the Ministry of Tourism, Kathleen Pessolano, said this is an event that shouldn’t be missed as they will showcase the first instalment of “A Taste of TDC”.

She said, “There’s gonna be a cocktail tasting of a signature cocktail, sponsored by TDC as part of their promotion ‘A Taste of TDC’. Folks will be invited to taste the cocktail and guess the secret ingredients beginning with “T”, “D”, and “C”. One lucky winner who guesses the three secret ingredients will win an exciting prize.”

She said the feedback from the general public has been positive so far and many are curious about the unique event and how it will be staged.

“It’s not a festival where people have to go to a separate location. It’s happening at the restaurants themselves. And so people should look at the website, look and see what restaurants are participating. You can now see their menus online on our Facebook page and on the website, figure out which ones you wanna try and go take advantage of those discounts. People are gonna be very excited about the prices that they see,” she said.

33 restaurants are participating in Restaurant Week which runs from July 16 to 26.

The kick off takes place on Thursday at 5p.m. at Bohemia at the Marriott Beach.

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