Results of SKNFA Matches Played On Tuesday 10th June, 2014

FootballFilePhotoH(Sports Page)— Division 1 Playoffs

Game 5

At Warner Park

Trafalgar Southstars 3 vs C.C.C. Bath United 2
                         (Half Time 1 – 1)

Scoring for Trafalgar Southstars
Michael Thompson 10th minute
Dwayne Archibald 66th minute
Kishawn “Fire” Liburd in the 91st minute (he scored in the 1st minute of added time)

Scoring for C.C.C Bath United
Dion Thompson 30th minute
Aljay Newton 90th minute

Yellow Cards
Ajay Newton (Bath) 21st minute
Shaeed Tyson (Southstars) 82nd minute

* Officials were Tyrone Nisbett, Avalon MCCall, Delroy Jeffers & Steadroy Techeira
* Match Commissioner & Referees Assesor was Fitzroy Eddy

Match 6

* Davis construction Lodge Patriots did not show up for their against Youth & Experience
* Officials were Stedroy Douglas, Kelvin Pemberton, Steadroy Techeira & Ike Inniss

Final Positions (Division 1 Playoffs)

1st – Trafalgar Southstars (7 points from 3 matches)

2nd – C.C.C Bath United (6 points from 3 matches)

3rd – Youth Experience (4 points from 3 matches)

4th – Davis Construction Lodge Patriots (0 points from 3 matches)

* Trafalgar Southstars will play against St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers (9th place in Premier Division) in a match Playoff that will determined which of the two team will be in the Premier Division for 2014 – 15.

Junior League

At Ottleys Playing Field

Rams Village Superstars 2 vs Mantab 1
                                    (Half Time 0 – 1)

Scoring for Rams Village Superstars
Ordell Flemming missed penalty but scored from rebound in the 73rd minute
Kimaree Rogers 78th minute

Scoring for Mantab
Karea Jarvis 50th minute

Yellow Cards
Raheem Rogers (Village) 26th minute
Joseph Wilkes (Village) 45th minute
Dave Huggins (Mantab) 60th minute
Kimaree Rogers (Village) 79th minute
Ordell Flemming (Village) 87th minute

* Officials were James Matthew, Florencetine Morton & Juniegua Matthew

At Verchilds Playing Field

* Verchilds High School did not show up for their game against Winners Circle Newtown United.
* Officials were Ike Inniss, Jason Rouse & Roger Hendrickson

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