Results of SKNFA Matches Played over the Weekend (Friday 15th to Sunday 17th May, 2015

SKNFALogoFriday 15th May

At Newtown Playing Field

Elvis Star Browne Women’s League

C.C.C Bath United did not show up for their Game against Cayon.

* Officials were Caldon Duncan, Steadroy Techeira & Delroy Jeffers

On Saturday 16th May

National Bank Premier League

Warner Park Stadium

LIME 4G Cayon Rockets 7 vs St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers 3
                                         (Half Time 2 – 3)

Scoring for LIME 4G Cayon Rockets
Kevin Benjamin 1st minute
Javiem Blanchette scored 4 goals in the 34th, 47th, 78th & 88th minute
Leverton Jeffers 55th minute
Clyde Mitchum 70th minute

Scoring for St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers
Azeem James struck twice in the14th & 17th minute
Niquan Browne 27th minute

Yellow Cards
Dornel Bernier (Strikers) 30th minute
Omar Francis (Strikers) 48th minute

* Officials were Kimbell Ward, Steadroy Techeira, Florencetine Morton & Graeme Browne

Match 2

Rams Village Superstars 4 vs SOL Island Auto Conaree 0
                                         (Half Time 1 – 0)

Scoring for Rams Village Superstars
Kimaree Rogers 26th minute
Steven Clarke 60th minute
Joseph Wilkes 71st minute
Travis (Rug Rat) Rogers 72nd minute

Yellow Card
Kadeem Lewis (Conaree) 50th minute

* Officials were Tristley Bassue, Lloyd Rouse, Graeme Browne & Travester Richards

Division 1 Playoff Matches

At Gardens Playing Field

Rivers of Living Water 2 vs Trafalgar Southstars 2
                                      (Half Time 2 – 1)

Scoring for Rivers of Living Water
Stephen Pemberton 13th minute
Evansley Fahie 35th minute

Scoring for Trafalgar Southstars
Leroy Archibald struck twice in the 27th & 51st minute

Yellow Cards
Stephen Pemberton (Rivers) 13th minute
Keno Christian (Southstars) 36th minute

* Officials were Caldon Duncan, Delroy Jeffers, Jason Rouse & LLoyd Rouse

At Newtown Playing Field

C.C.C Bath United 1 vs Youth & Experience 1
                           (Half Time 1 – 0)

Scoring for C.C.C Bath United
Delroy Newton 31st minute

Scoring for Youth & Experience
Tahir Jefferson 68th minute

Yellow Cards
Jeangardy Pettifrere (Bath) 27th minute
Malik Francis (Youth & Experience) 32nd minute
Akio Benjamin (Youth & Experience) 87th minute
Karijah Hazel (Youth & Experience) 88th minute

Red Card
Travis Jules (Youth & Experience) 57th minute

* Officials were Ike Innis, Alexis Joseph, Shatresha Ephraim & Avalon McCall

* C.C.C Bath United and Rivers of Living Water will be promoted to the SKNFA Premier League for next season. Congratulations to the two Division 1 teams.

On Sunday 17th May

National Bank Premier League

Warner Park Stadium

Fast Cash SPD United 3 vs Mantab 2
                                 (Half Time 2 – 1)

Scoring for Fast Cash SPD United
Alphonso Murray 10th minute
Xavier Henry 20th minute
Darrell Challenger 50th minute

Scoring for Mantab
Sylvester Alexander 17th minute
Kirae Jarvis 60th minute

Yellow Cards
Steven Nolan (SPD) 36th minute
Jarin Clarke (Mantab) 43rd minute
Evansroy Barnes (SPD) 64th minute
Stephen Rawlins (SPD) 79th minute
Nigel Browne (Mantab) 86th minute
Philmore Rawlins (SPD) 89th minute

Match 2

Harris Paint St. Peters 3 vs Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs 0
                                    (Half Time 2 – 0)

Scoring for Harris Paint St. Peters
Kevin Benjamin 3rd minute
Tijauni Isaac 7th minute
Dionis Steven 81st minute

Yellow Cards
Dahjal Kelly (Spurs) 19th minute
Kevin Benjamin (St. Peters) 70th minute
Carlos Bertie (Spurs) 90th minute

* Officials were Travester Richards, Delroy Jeffers, Alexis Joseph & Tristley Bassue

Elvis Star Browne Women’s League

At Bath Village Playing Field

SOL Island Auto Conaree 4 vs C.C.C Bath United 2
                                         (Half Time 2 – 0)

Scoring for SOL Island Auto Conaree
Kerrise Hanley 33th minute
Davanna Claxton struck twice in the 43rd & 88th minute
Dalencia Roberts 79th minute

Scoring for C.C.C Bath United
Rozel Liburd 62nd minute
Jewel Dore 72nd minute

* Officials were Garfield Virgo, I-Shana Broadbelt & Saskia Parris

Upcoming SKNFA National Bank Premier League Match for Tuesday 19th May, 2015

At Warner Park Stadium

7:00pm – Winners Circle Newtown United vs S.L. Horsford St. Pauls United
Officials: Tristley Bassue, Ike Inniss, Graeme Browne & Steadroy Techeira

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