Results of SKNFA Matches played over the Weekend (March 21-23, 2014)

Friday 21st March

Junior League

At Lime Kiln Playing Field

Cayon FC 3         vs          Rams Village Superstars 2
(Half Time 1 – 2)

Scoring for Cayon FC
Ashayorn Boston 29th minute
Sheakene Buttler 78th minute
Alexis Bedford 80th minute

Scoring for Rams Village Superstars

Kimaree Rogers 19th minute
Austin Henry 32nd minute

Yellow Cards
Austin Henry (Village) 27th minute
Ricardo Clarke (Village) 47th minute

* Officials were Len Harris, Delroy Jeffers & Steadroy Techeira

On Saturday 22nd March

FA Cup Final

At Warner Park Stadium

Winners Circle Newtown United 1          vs          Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs 0
(Half Time 0 – 0)

Scoring for Winners Circle Newtown United
Marlo Martin 58th minute

Yellow Cards
Akil Byron (Newtown) 17th minute
Kareem Mitchum (Newtown) 90th minute

Red Card
Chevoy Rouse (Spurs) 90th minute

* Officials were James Matthew, Mario Parry, Lloyd Rouse & Tyrone Nisbett
* Winners Circle Newtown United are the 2014 FA Cup Champions

Division 1

At Bath Village Playing Field

Davis Construction Lodge Patriots 3       vs             C.C.C Bath United 2
(Half Time 0 – 2)

Scoring for Davis Construction Lodge Patriots
Jahmari Chapman scored a hat trick in the 74th, 79th & 80th minute

Scoring for C.C.C Bath United
Deon Thompson 40th minute
Delroy Newton 42nd minute

* Officials were Christopher Ekeh, Austin Bart & Jasmine Charles

At Lime Kiln Playing Field

* Keys didn’t show up for their game against Trafalgar Southstars
* Officials were Stedroy Techeira & Len Harris

Elvis Star Browne Women’s league

At Newtown Playing Field

St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers 4         vs            Harris Paint St. Peters 0
(Half Time 3 – 0)

Scoring for St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers
Lisa Hanley struck twice in the 1st & 30th minute
Vonyea Akers 44th minute
Sharlan Hendrickson 85th minute

* Officials were Walter James, Avalon McCall & Steadroy Techeira

At Gardens Playing Field

* Rams Village Superstars did not show up for their game against C.C.C Bath United
* Official was Delroy Jeffers

On Sunday 23rd March

Junior League

At Newtown Playing Field

Mantab 2         vs          Winners Circle Newtown United 1
(Half Time 1 – 0)

Scoring for Mantab
Javin Clarke 27th minute
Chadius Garnette 85th minute

Scoring for Winners Circle Newtown United
Anjunel Esdaille 80th minute

Yellow Cards
Tishaun Isaac (Newtown) 40th minute
Kalaun Lowry (Mantab) 86th minute

* Officials were Travester Richards,  Steadroy Techeira & Avalon McCall

At  Warner Park Stadium

* Neither Rams Village Superstars nor S. L. Horsford St. Pauls United showed up for
Their game.
* Officials were Tyrone Nisbett & Craig Rouse

At Ottleys Playing Field

* Verchilds High did not show up for their game against Cayon FC.
* Officials were James Matthew, Len Harris & Florencetine Morton

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