Results received from GSS sports meet

After the very exciting annual sports meet held on Tuesday, the officials at the Gingerland Secondary school have completed their final tally of the points

Here is a summary of the results from the big day:

Class 1 Girl    Results : Nareida Lake 22 pts

Class 1 Boys  Results : Sadiki Tyson 30 pts

Class 2 Boys: Results: Leroy Chapman  36 pts

Class 2 Girls: Results: Talia Rawlins 31 pts

Class 3 Boys: Results: Zario Chumney   45 pts

Class 3 Girls: Results: Schadone Liburd 41 pts

Victrix Laudorum: Schadone Liburd 41 pts

Victor Laudorum: Zario Chumney 45 pts

RED       280

GREEN  257

BLUE     147


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