Resurfacing of roads in several communities in progress says Dr. Martin

Resurfaced road at New Pond Site
Roads resurfaced in Irish Town on Saturday (photos by Erasmus Williams)

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, FEBRUARY 2ND 2013 (CUOPM) – Senior Minister and Minister of Public Works, the Hon. Dr. Earl Asim Martin has provided information on the resurfacing of roads in the several communities around the island of St. Kitts.

“Those of us who would have been paying close attention would have seen some resurfacing taking place in the Newtown area, in the Pond Site area, in the McKnight area and we expect to expand; we have started some resurfacing in the Tabernacle area, in the St. Johnson Village area and also in the Trafalgar Village area. We expect as we move on that the whole resurfacing programme would continue to touch with those communities that are basically in need of that aspect of infrastructure,” said Dr. Martin during a press conference called by members of the St. Kitts and Nevis Cabinet.

Dr. Martin said the Ministry through the Public Works Department is also looking at the areas where persons in the various communities have acquired houses or gotten houses from the National Housing Corporation who are still without roads.

“We hope that very shortly we would be able to roll out the development of those roads in those communities around the island. We would be able to address that very shortly,” said Dr. Martin.

Flanked by several other members of the Cabinet, Dr. Martin also disclosed that the necessary infrastructure will also be laid in lands purchased from the Land Sales Agency.

“We are aware that some of those lands are still without infrastructure – water, roads and electricity. We have already started an on-going programme to provide those facilities to those communities so that we can have the type of economic development. We expect persons would be able to use the mortgage facilities at the various financial institutions and take advantage of the programmes that were just outlined by the SIDF and various financial institutions. We have provided a reduction in the interest rate to almost 5% for the construction of new homes thus providing an opportunity for our citizens to become homeowners as well as provide employment in the various areas,” Dr. Martin told the media during the press briefing which was carried live on ZIZ television and several radio stations.

He pointed out too that water is also essential for infrastructural development and the laying of larger pipes as well as the maintenance is important.

“We also want to make sure that we have adequate potable water for the citizens of the Federation,” said Dr. Martin.

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