Retired public servants will be afforded continued insurance coverage

ST. KITTS, NOVEMBER 11, 2010 (CUOPM) – Government’s Health Insurance Scheme will be extended to retired public servants.

According to the Human Resource Department, in the past persons who retired from the Public Service were not afforded continued coverage.

“This policy has been changed and under the new policy Government will offer persons who are retiring the opportunity to be covered under the Government Health Insurance Scheme at a cost of EC$75 per month,” said Heather B. Richardson of the Human Resource Department.

She said that the benefits to be derived by persons taking up the offer include a group premium rate which would be much cheaper than the premium rate for personal health insurance.

“Insurance rates tend to escalate with age and being a part of a group scheme provides some protection against significant increases in premium,” said Richardson, pointing out that persons seeking to purchase personal health insurance may be denied as a result of pre- existing illnesses and even if they are able to purchase such insurance, the premiums could be prohibitive.

One other benefit she said is that health insurance coverage will continue seamlessly.

According to Ms. Richardson, retired persons who wish to continue to be covered under the government health insurance scheme should indicate this to the Human Resource Department at Government Headquarters.

Arrangements would be made for Premiums to be deducted from one’s monthly pension.

For recent retirees such payment would commence from August 1st, 2011.

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