Road March competitors came out firing on J’ouvert morning

Xtreme Jouvert Troupe

Commissioner of Police and Commander of Defence Force on J’ouvert morning

Section of crowd

ZIZ News…Dec 26 2011 – Thousands of revelers took to the streets early Monday morning to take part in the event that kicks off the street jams, j’ouvert.

From before sunrise locals and visitors have been on the streets getting ready for the bands and calypsonians.

Following instructions from the Carnival Committee bands, sound systems, road march contenders, steel bands, individuals, jouvert troupes made their way from the National Museum (old treasury building), through the Circus. And after that, they had to take one of two pre-designated routes through the streets of Basseterre.

This is the time when revelers dress in costume, cover in body paint as they dance to the sounds of their favourite bands and calypsonians.

Some take to the streets individually, while others join a troupe. The registered participating troupes this year are: the Biggest Loser Troupe, Shiggidy Shack Winn Jammers – Buccaneers, Xtreme Jouvert Troupe – Generation Xtreme Road Fete, Stay With The Best Carib Beer Jouvert Troupe, Red Devils – Devils & Angels, Love Parade, and Kittitian Safari.

According to the National Carnival Committee all jouvert troupes, sound systems, road march contenders, steel bands had to take each of the two designated routes, passing route 1 then route 2 and continue accordingly and they must pass each judging point at least twice. Meanwhile the Carnival Committee has announced that eight participants have registered a total of 20 songs for the Road March competition.

The competition for this year’s Road March is being described as fierce as several bands and solo artists are fighting for the top prize.

The entrants are Nu Vybes Band with IREP, SKB Encore, Wickedest Whine, Whining Tournament, Carnival Motorcade, Love Boat, Load It, Bounce Cheque, Electric City, and Wet Down.

Grand Masters has submitted None a Them (step pon dem), Small Axe has registered Jockey, Sky is the Limit, Drop de Soap, and Red Riding Hood.

And in the solo calypsonians, Mighty Honesty has registered Sing Stupidness, Mighty Takeover with Insane, Fantastic Tunda with Bite and Roll, Nutsy with 40:40 Mas and David Hanley with Carnival Is Here Again.

According to a release from the National Carnival Committee, the judging of the Road March title takes place on Jouvert morning between 5:00am and 11:00 am and during the Grand Carnival Parade from 11am to 5pm. However on that day jamming continues until 9pm.

Judging for Road March takes place at pre-designed judging points along the parade route and each judge will award one (1) point to the tune played at these points on J’ouvert and Grand Parade Day.

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