Ross University Acts as Back Up to Police Force; Gives Back to the Community

JohnKroen-1(ZIZ News) – The Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine has made significant contributions to St. Kitts, particularly where safety and security are concerned.

Vice President of Civic Affairs for Devry Medical International, John Kroen Esq., listed some of Ross University’s contributions, noting that it is a partner institution of Devry Medical International.

He said, “We’ve successfully been part of the coalition. We’ve launched Crime Stoppers. We’re happy to move that forward through donations and leadership. We continue to look for ways to make improvements in terms of technology…what we’ve been able to build over the last three to four years in hopes that we’ll be able to transfer that technology to the country to bring security to a new level, not necessarily from an asset perspective but from a technology perspective.”

Kroen was among the officials who met with Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris, at Ross University this week. Kroen said donations that aid in school lighting and hospital upgrades are just two of the many ways in which they give back to the community.

“In terms of our engagement, we have been on the roads. Ross University security is out and about constantly patrolling. We have put emergency phones all over in tourist, student and other areas for the country to make sure that there’s a close link in communication to the public and to security with us Ross University, acting as a back up to the police if there is not an immediate response. Our K-9 Unit is regularly hand in hand with the police and we look forward to continued partnership in that regard,” Kroen said.

He added, “We do believe that there is need for progress from the police which, hopefully new leadership will come and bring that. We’ll be partnering with whoever leads this security force that you put in place and whatever ministers that run the different parts of the government. We look forward to continued collaboration.”

Kroen added that research has become a critical part of their institution and they look forward to assisting the government and police force with determining the best way forward in terms of security technology.

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