Ross University School Of Veterinary Medicine Donates 25 Computers To Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School In Nevis

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM), in partnership with the Government of Saint  Kitts-Nevis and the Ministry of Education, recently celebrated the launch of an IT lab for Elizabeth  Pemberton Primary School in Nevis. 

RUSVM’s donation of 25 all-in-one computers and one printer is part of the institution’s ongoing efforts to support access to educational technologies on the island, and is supported by RUSVM’s parent company Adtalem Global Education. The handover ceremony, which occurred on Thursday, September  23, 2021, at Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School included Hon. U Troy Liburd, Junior Minister  responsible for education, library service and information technology; Kevin Barret, Permanent Secretary  in the Ministry of Education for the Nevis Island Administration (NIA); Dr. Sean Callanan, dean of RUSVM;  Jevon Claxton, deputy director of information technology; Zahnela Claxton, principal education officer;  and Shenelle Pemberton, department and school principal.  

We are honored to be part of this important initiative to provide youth in primary schools with an opportunity to enhance their learning experiences through technology,” said Dean Callanan. As leaders in education, we are committed to contributing to community solutions that support lifelong learning,  starting at the earliest ages.” 

To help facilitate RUSVM!s first-ever opportunity to assist with an IT lab in Nevis, the institution partnered with the Ministry of Education to select a school that would greatly benefit from a computer  lab. According to P.S. Barret, Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School had been without an IT lab for several  years, offering RUSVM with an ideal opportunity to make an immediate impact on the school and its  students.  

A site visit was arranged for P.S. Barret, Principal Pemberton and a member of the RUSVM IT team to  conduct an assessment of the space for renovation planning purposes. Although RUSVM donated the  computer equipment, it also worked closely with the government, and in particular the Ministry of  Education, which provided the necessary infrastructure, including general lab renovation, electrical work,  furniture needs and network capabilities.  

“I am extremely happy for and thankful to Ross University at this time for their kind contribution of some  25 computers and a printer to the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School,” J.M. Liburd said. While the NIA would have done extensive work in refurbishing the physical lab space, it would not have been complete  without the computers. We value this contribution and growing relationship tremendously and I am sure  the school will be a much better learning institution with the lab now up and running.”  

Students attending the ceremony were encouraged to make the most of their time in the classroom so  they not only pass their exams, but also develop technology skills. In addition, teachers and supporting  staff were urged to make technology a part of the school culture by using it as an engaging and assistive-learning tool to help students better understand what is being taught on a daily basis. This project with  Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School marks the 10th computer lab that has been completed throughout  the Federation. 

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