Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Employees Celebrate Degree Success with Congratulations from Minister of Education

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) hosted a graduation ceremony on Saturday, July 7, 2012, for eight employees and their family members, to congratulate those who successfully completed the DeVry Employee Tuition Advantage Program. The program allows an employee to complete a degree and /or certificate tuition-free from any of the institutions that form part of the DeVry Inc. family. The ceremony recognized the achievements of these individuals who have now gained qualifications in their field of choice. The opportunity to achieve a degree through one’s employer is unique to St. Kitts, particularly because this benefit extends to dependent spouses and/or children of RUSVM employees. RUSVM Dean, Dr. Elaine Watson, welcomed those in attendance, emphasizing that since its inception in St. Kitts, RUSVM continues to develop a culture that truly values people as a key part of its success. “Education is what DeVry and RUSVM is all about. We help people achieve their dreams and this is true for both our employees and students.” said Watson.Five employees completed master’s degrees in fields ranging from Accounting and Financial Management, and Information Systems Management, to Project Management. Three employees completed bachelor’s degrees in the fields of Hospitality Management, Network and Communications Management and Business Administration.

Hon. Sen. Nigel Carty, Minister of Education and Information in St. Kitts and Nevis, gave the keynote address at the ceremony providing remarks on the achievements of the graduates. “This is truly an occasion to celebrate” stated Carty. “I applaud RUSVM for this bold initiative. On behalf of the government of St. Kitts and Nevis and the Ministry of Education, I proudly salute RUSVM not only for promoting quality education that will strengthen the academic fabric of our society, but also for addressing the intellectual, and social development of its employees. This display of social responsibility must be recognized and emulated in other organizations across our nation.”As an educational organization, RUSVM supports and encourages its employees to further their own educational goals and offers educational assistance to make this a reality.

Graduates are encouraged to take advantage of every opportunity to improve their skills, and enhance their performance in the workplace with the knowledge that, ultimately, the local community will also benefit from their knowledge.

Mrs. Iona Halliday-Simmonds, RUSVM Interim Director of the Diagnostics Service Laboratory, expressed sentiments of pride and gratitude as she addressed her fellow graduates. “This moment is defined by the fact that we have invested much time and hard work. Today is our day to celebrate our accomplishments.” She also reflected on their time of study. “We know that it was not easy, but despite the difficulties we experienced along the way, we were faithful and I know how proud we are today for what we have achieved.” Halliday-Simmonds thanked RUSVM and all of those family members present for their unwavering support. She challenged graduates to generate positive change within their families, the organization, and the community at large. “Be an example to those around you and encourage coworkers to follow your lead.” RUSVM extends heartfelt congratulations to all of the graduates and their families. The list of graduates includes: Gregory Gumbs; Johanna Chapman-Christmas; Yvonne Cotton; Leroy Carter; Colleen Manner-Govia; Iona Halliday-Simmonds; and Desiree McKoy.

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