Ross University’s Class of 2016 Donates to the Children’s Home

(ZIZ News) – Once again, charitable hands have been extended to the St. Christopher Children’s Home.

On Thursday, the class of 2016 Green Semester of the Ross University, handed over a cheque of $25,786.69 to the Chairman of the St. Christopher Children’s Home.

Class Representative, Tamara Qabazard said rather than having an extravagant banquet, they preferred to make a charitable donation and chose the St. Christopher Children’s Home among other donations they intend to make.

“We wanted to connect with our local community and being here for two and a half years, this has become our home and the only way to actually leave and make an impact is to give back,” she noted.

Upon accepting the cheque, Chairman of the St. Christopher Children’s Home, Sebastian Mottram said that it is the norm for the seventh semester class of Ross University to donate to the home but the amount this year is “pleasantly surprising”.

“This is a huge amount of money. It has become something like a tradition for the seventh semester students to raise and donate to the Children’s Home but this amount is really out of the park. We really were not expecting this and we are awed by the achievement of this green semester. What this means for the home is that this amount of money will go back to our wish list,” Mottram stated.

“Immediately, we have a requirement for some capital expenditure on kitchen equipment. We need a new fridge; we need a new freezer, sounds really boring but vital necessities. When we spend that which is a fraction of this (the cheque) the rest of this money will go towards the staff cost and particularly I can see money going towards counselling and therapy so that the residents can get back into society and have a shorter rehabilitation time,” he explained.

The St. Christopher Children’s Home currently hosts 16 residents aged 5-22.

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