Rotary shaping tomorrow’s decision-makers

Valentine Hodge
Valentine Hodge

ZIZ News — Students of the Beach Allen Primary School are being guided in making smarter, wiser decisions as they go throughout their days using the rotary four way test.

The Rotary Club of Liamuiga took its Rotary Four-Way Test to the school in an effort to help the students make better decisions that will benefit themselves and all those around them.

In recognition of the visit by the district governor last week, the Rotary Club erected the four-way test sign at the Beach Allen Primary School.

President of the Rotary Club of Liamuiga, Valentine Hodge outlined the purpose of the four-way test.

He said “It is simply to engage Rotarians and other people in the community to be morally responsible for the things they do and say and think in the community.”

Principal of the Beach Allen Primary School, Emelita Warner-Paul says this four-way test fits in well with what they are trying to accomplish at the school.

“It will fall right into a project that we are doing with respect to behaviour management. So once they begin to look at these particular sayings and it becomes part of them every day, finally they are going to be able to change,” she said.

Emelita Warner Paul
Emelita Warner Paul

She says the whole aspect of the rotary’s four-way test should serve to encourage the students.

“What you said about tom, is it true? Is it fair to him what you said about him? Would it build that friendship or relationship further down the road and is it beneficial to all concerned because saying something that is not true about somebody hurts them,” she said giving a hypothetical example.

The Rotary Club of Liamuiga first installed its four-way test at the Washington Archibald High School in 2011.

The test is also erected on signs along various sections of the Island Main Road for all to see.

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