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Vernon Springer
Vernon Springer

ZIZ News — ZIZ’s ongoing series “The Roundtable” continued on Monday with a discussion on sports development in the federation.

As the panelists shared their input on the topic, the consensus was that the Federation is well developed in the area of sports, particularly with infrastructure.

Senior Sports Officer, Vernon Springer, says the Ministry of Sports and the Government by extension has spent millions to ensure the sporting infrastructure in the Federation is top notch.

Springer stated “that the government continues to pump money, millions of dollars, into investment. We only can look at cricket before the World Cup 2007, the government would of spent maybe 20 million EC dollars on the upgrade of Warner Park. Seven years on, six years on, 4 million US dollars on lights, lighting of the Len Harris Cricket Academy, another 3.7 million for the football stadium, which has been able to host international matches. Then we go the Silver Jubilee Track and Field Stadium. You have figures which are close to about another 13 million EC was spent on the facility itself and then after that just last year we would of also upgraded because we had some problems with the track, so the Athletic Association, brand new track complements of Mondo because of the work there. So you realize that there is another upgrade of work. So in terms of development of providing coaches to the schools, the government also has an invested interest in infrastructure”.

Chief Medical Officer, Patrick Martin, who is a local sports enthusiast says sports in the Federation has come a long way not only in infrastructure but it is evident by the amount of persons from the federation who are known on the international scene.

“The sky is the limit, although we have 50 thousand people, we have shown that we can put 7, 8 cricketers on the international stage coming from Nevis alone. We have put several footballers on the international stage down 1, track and field, international stage I see no barrier in terms of the potential we have, the natural talent it has to be managed,” Martin explained.

The other guests for the discussion were, Public Relations Officer for the St. Kitts Amateur Athletic Association, Evris Huggins, and immediate past President of St. Kitts-Nevis Netball Association, Dr. Thelma Phillip-Browne.

The Roundtable was hosted by ZBC General Manager, Clement O’Garro.

Part 2 of the discussion on Sports Development in the Federation will take place on Monday July 14th and will be broadcast live on ZIZ Radio (96.1fm) and ZIZ TV (channel 5).

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