Royal Plaza groundbreaking

(ZIZ News) — The groundbreaking ceremony for the Royal St. Kitts Hotel’s Royal Plaza is scheduled to take place on Tuesday at 11 am where Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris is expected to make an address.

The Royal Plaza, an extension of The Royal St. Kitts Hotel, is expected to offer shopping opportunities and alfresco dining.

President of the Royal St. Kitts Hotel John Zuliani spoke of the expectations for construction phase.

“The Royal Plaza is a brand new shopping commercial development that we plan on building at the very front of the Royal St. Kitts Hotel. It will be the main super structure and the roof doors and windows going on will take about 8 months to complete so we should have that up by February and then for the next four months the tenants and the people who are opening the businesses inside will be choosing their fixtures and finishings for the interior parts of the units, selection of tiles for the floors so the interior world will take place for about the next four months and we plan on opening the doors of the Royal Plaza November 1st 2017 to the public,” he noted.

Zuliani said the plaza will not only lend to the visitor experience, it will also offer space to entrepreneurs who want to do business in the Frigate Bay area.

The Royal Plaza will be located at the front of the Royal St. Kitts Hotel at Frigate Bay.

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