Sabans asked for continued understanding and patience

The Bottom, Saba, April 22, 2020 (The Daily Herald): With Saba on mandatory lockdown since April 12, the Island Governor Jonathan Johnson in his most recent message urged people to continue to show understanding and patience in these “trying times” in which “everyone experienced occasional frustrations.”

Johnson informed that two residents returned to Saba on Tuesday afternoon and explained that these persons were placed into quarantine right away and will be tested at the end of the 14-day quarantine period.

Johnson urged people who experience flu-like symptoms to contact the medical centre. This also counts if people know someone who shows these symptoms but do not want to alert the hospital. He said it was “very important” to trace and test every lead to check the extent of the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 in the community.

Johnson called on people to stay positive. “As we continue to navigate through this uncertain time, many changes and developments will occur, which naturally causes a feeling of unrest. So, take a moment each day to clear your mind of negativity and focus instead on things that bring you joy.”

Saba still has two confirmed COVID-19 patients and one suspected patient, who was transferred to St. Maarten.

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