Saint Kitts Diabetes Association COVID-19 Press Release

The Saint Kitts Diabetes Association asks all nationals of the Federation to pay extra care and attention to our individual health, in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The association offers the reassurance to persons living with Diabetes, their family members, caregivers and support providers of our commitment to promoting the health and wellness of our people. We advise that continued adherence to the protocols for diabetic care can significantly lower the at-risk status of diabetics to that of the general population.

Below, we offer some general guidelines for diabetics to follow as we guard against the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please note that these guidelines are of equal benefit to diabetics and non-diabetics, including testing blood sugar levels to know your present diabetic status.

Our prescribed guidelines are:

– Adhere to the Ministry of Health COVID-19 safety guidelines at all times.

– Adopt additional home safety and personal hygienic practices.

– Wash hands frequently and properly

– Adopt safe physical distancing practices

– Keep hydrated by drinking six to eight glasses of water daily

– Adopt or maintain a healthy diet

– Be well rested

– Test blood sugar regularly

– Have an adequate supply of prescribed medications

– Take medications as prescribed by your doctor

– Have an adequate food supply at home

– Exercise daily

– Report all abnormalities to your caregiver, nurse, or doctor

Family members of and those caring for diabetics are encouraged to monitor these patients more closely. At this time of great vulnerability, let us be kinder, more supportive and highly vigilant.

The Saint Kitts Diabetes Association urges us all nationals to immediately adopt health conscious practices and lifestyles and to be safe at this time.

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