Samuda wants JEEP sorted out

Kingston, JamaicaOpposition Spokesman on Industry, Investment and Commerce, Karl Samuda, is expected to open debate today December 3 on his Private Member’s Motion to have a comprehensive report on the Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme (JEEP) tabled in Parliament.

In his resolution, Samuda listed “inordinate delays…and unnecessary overlapping of activities” among the problems plaguing the government employment programme which, he says, has led to “confusion and uncertainty” in is administration.

He asked that the House call on the Minister of Transport, Works and Housing, Dr Omar Davies, to present to Parliament a comprehensive report as to the progress of the projects under JEEP2, and that he advise the House, if and when, any changes are contemplated to how the programme is being executed.

Davies indicated earlier this year that the Government has identified additional funding for Phase 2 of JEEP. However, he pointed out that steps are being taken to redefine the programme to maximise on returns.

Phase 1 of JEEP was projected to employ 5,000 people, but that was exceeded with approximately 18,206 persons securing jobs although for much shorter work periods than was originally anticipated.

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