Sandy Point Primary School hosts Literacy Week of Activities

(ZIZ News)
The Sandy Point Primary School’s Literacy Week of Activities began on Monday morning with an opening ceremony at the school grounds.

Featured Guest Speaker and Reading Specialist Ruth Duporte opened the ceremony with a presentation on the importance of reading.

She shared a few words of encouragement with the students.

“I want to encourage you to make reading a daily part of your activities. Reading and writing, I cannot emphasize it enough. They are very, very important skills. We do not want anybody to read and write for us, we want to be able to do that ourselves so that we can take charge of our lives”, she said.

Deputy Chief Education Officer, Darryl Lloyd explained why the Ministry Of Education has placed more focus on literacy.

“The Ministry of Education has placed literacy as one of our priorities on our calendar of events. We firmly believe that literacy is the way to go if we are going to reduce poverty, if we are going to control the diseases that plague us or if we are going to improve the standards of living”, the Deputy Chief Education said.

Lloyd then officially declared the week of activities open.

“Use this week as an opportunity to tell yourself that I am really going to get down into the books and become a very good reader and a lover of reading. Reading is important as Ruth would have said if you want to travel the world. Reading opens the opportunity for you to go to places that you may never have dreamed going in life just by reading the information in a book. With these few words, I wish to declare this week of activities officially open”, Lloyd stated.

During the ceremony the students presented literacy themed selections via poetry and song.

The activities will include a career day, an open day and a parade day and are scheduled to run from Monday January 16 to Friday January 20.

The Sandy Point Primary school’s Literacy Week is being held under the theme, “Swing Into Literacy, Lights, Camera, Read”.

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