Sarid DVN Releases New Song

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 18, 2020 (ZIZ News): Tehila Adir is the latest song released by recording gospel artist Donovan Grant also known as Sarid DVN.

Speaking with ZIZ News on Friday, the Gospel Artiste spoke of his inspiration for writing this type of song.

“The song is a summary of how great God is and he deserves that praise and what is going to happen in the future regarding the judgement and what will happen in this world and what you must do. Basically it’s a summary of everything from now to there and from then to now—the present, the past and the future.”

He said, “At the timing right now regarding the pandemic, the whole timing, if you’re not strong in the Lord and God don’t protect your mind, this moment will drive you crazy because they told you to lock up in your house and you have to wear masks.”

He said while the song is a different sound from what he is usually known for, the theme of praising god remains.

“Chavez, Chabo Productions, he’s my neighbour so I record with him and I know he has some nice beats so the spirit said to go on the website and I saw this new beat so I saw it titled ‘soca’. Believe me in the church we say ‘that is not gospel and this is not gospel’ but at the end of the day, what is gospel?” He said, “Gospel is the good news you know, so it doesn’t matter the genre, any beat you go on, you’re doing the good news. Once your putting out the message and somebody can hear the word. SO I press play on the beat and I hear the beat and the spirit love it. I already pray to God and God start putting the melody and the word.”

Tehila Adir is Hebrew and translates to ‘song of Praise to the Sovereign God’.

He spoke of how the name came about.

“I want to say blessings to my wife also, Jewel Grant. She played a major role in this song especially where the Hebrew part is concerned because I’m not so versed in the Hebrew language so when we were looking at the name, to call the song, I wanted to give it a name from the chorus ‘He’s amazing’ and she went into the Hebrew language section and she said Donovan, what do you think about this name? This name means give Gid the glory, He’s superior, He’s almighty, He’s a sovereign God and I said ‘Okay, let’s go.’ ”

Tehila Adi by Sarid Dvn can be found on Youtube, Itunes, Iheart Music, Google, Amazon and other social media platforms.

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