Scarborough to appear before High Court

Keith Scarborough

ZIZ Newsroom, Basseterre St.Kitts, June 8, 2011 – CCM candidate Keith Scarborough is in hot water with the High Court for statements he made implying His Lordship Justice Albert Redhead was not performing his duties impartially.

According to court notes Justice Readhead has called Mr Scarborough to appear before the court on Thursday in connection with claims made at a public meeting in St. John on Saturday May 21.

At that meeting Mr. Scarborough said he was made aware of a meeting involving NRP activists Rawle Isaac, Roosevelt David, Lyra Richards, Earl Sergeant, and Justice Redhead.

“Ladies and gentlemen I want you to understand I was made aware of a meeting that was held in a particular place,” he said. “And you know who was at that meeting? My good friend Rawle Isaac, Senator David from St. Thomas, Lyra Richards, Earl Sargeant, and Justice Redhead. You hear what I say? Justice Redhead! That is how deep this thing is going. What were they discussing at that meeting I don’t know, but I find it rather strange that these four people will be in a meeting with a list of names, a folder with names, discussing something and then we hear today from Alastair that Alexis lose another case in the Court, the High Court. I ask myself, is that a coincidence or what?

Ladies and gentlemen, I say that to say this: that these people has decided that it will be win at all cost.”

His statements came after Justice Redhead dismissed a case by CCM candidate Alexis Jeffers to overthrow a decision by registration officer, Melford Ward to not remove certain voters from the registration list.

During open court on Monday Justice Redhead said Scarborough’s statements leave a clear impression that he is connecting the meeting to the court’s decision.

He called it a “clear, insidious and vicious attack on the administration of justice” and the “so called apology that was written has not and will not be accepted”.

He said this is “an insidious and vicious attack on my person and this matter will not rest easily”.

Another case to remove six persons from the voters list currently before the court but that has been adjourned until Thursday when Scarborough is expected to appear before the court.

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