SCASPA invitation to tender for Airport Cabling Replacement Project

Invitation To Tender For Civil Works Contract
For the Airport Cabling Replacement Project

Tenders are invited from suitably qualified companies for the provision of civil works services in relation to the Airport Cabling Replacement Project at the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport, St. Kitts.

In order to qualify, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have the necessary tools and equipment to perform the tasks e.g. 2 or more backhoes, 2 or more trucks;
  2. Provide their business structure and crew list indicating experience and years of service, expertise, training, together with a clients list and at least two recent reference letters from clients;
  3. Demonstrated competence, capacity and flexibility to work unusual hours;
  4. Show their capability and discipline to operate within the applicable codes, legal guidelines and standards of practice;
  5. Have a business that is duly registered and is current with its taxes and social security payments;
  6. Demonstrate the ability to work safely and to cover the risk of working in such an environment through insurance coverage;

Persons interested in applying should visit the St. Christopher Air and Sea Ports Authority (SCASPA) Administration Office at Bird Rock where further details will be made available, including a Request for Proposals (RFP) at a cost of EC75.00.

The deadline for the receipt of tenders is Wednesday, 10th April 2013 at 4.00 p.m. SCASPA is not bound to accept the lowest priced or any tender.

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