Scotiabank Kiddy Cricketers in St Kitts & Nevis Hyped Ahead of their Display in 2012 Series

As the West Indies team continue in their “Winning Ways” Scotiabank Kiddy Cricketers in St Kitts are bubbling with excitement as they await their chance to be a part of the 3rd ODI test match between West Indies and New Zealand on Saturday July 14. The students and their coaches have been training hard to hone their batting, bowling and fielding skills; and, are looking forward to their upcoming skills display session when the Kiwis face off with the Windies at Warner Park.

The 80 Scotiabank Kiddy Cricketers who will form the presentation are the best youth cricketers in the programme which is currently run in the sister isles of St Kitts and Nevis. These top performers will be officially decked out in newly redesigned Kiddy Cricket uniforms and will have the distinction of welcoming a brand new mascot, “Chirpy the Cricket” to their team. Chirpy has been a major hit with cricket fans in the various venues across the region as he brings his liveliness and energetic spirit to the at match experience. Kiddy Cricketers have been very excited to have him with them in the outfield as they look forward to his animated batting and bowling. The new mascot will be joining the students for their on-field display at Warner Park as well interacting with fans in the venue, and making visits to VIP guests in hospitality suites.

As part of planning for the upcoming cricket activities, a young Scotiabank Kiddy Cricketer from St Paul’s Primary will be getting the opportunity to interview Leeward Islands player Shane Jeffers, as part of the running Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket Minute interview feature. Jeffers has been an outstanding batsman and a celebrated player on the Leeward Islands team, as well as captain of the West Indies Under 19 team. Jeffers is the second professional cricketer from the twin isle nation to be interviewed by a Kiddy Cricketer, as Victor Eddy kicked off the interview series last year. The Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket Minute programme gives students an opportunity to have one on one motivational pep talks with current and past regional players; and is geared at helping them to develop their love and commitment to the sport.

The 80 Kiddy Cricketers who will be a part of the St Kitts and Nevis display team are joining over 560 students in seven other Caribbean countries who have been given the opportunity to display their skills on the international scene as the climax of their year in the programme.

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